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Why Integrated Axis?

Integrated Axis brings a fresh approach to technology consulting. Integrated Axis is completely independent of any software or hardware vendors, allowing our consultants to provide unbiased advice and recommendations.

The Integrated Axis approach is founded on four core philosophies:

1. Build it Correctly the First Time:

Integrated Axis designs systems encompassing both specific short-term needs and long-term goals — delivering you a
system that works now and in the future. Integrated Axis only uses standardized and tested solutions.

2. Make it Scalable:

Integrated Axis knows scalability is more than being able to “add seats later”. Integrated Axis works with you to determine how your business processes may evolve and the best route to ensure an efficient and cost effective technological path. Integrated Axis brings knowledge about next generation technologies and can help you determine if and how they fit into your existing infrastructure.

3. Make it Manageable:

Integrated Axis believes a manageable system is one that minimizes downtime and costs. Integrated Axis makes sure that troubleshooting procedures and documentation are available and easy to use.

4. Keep it Simple:

Integrated Axis understands that technology solutions are only tools to run your business. Technology should improve your business not overwhelm it. Integrated Axis will help you deploy appropriate, tested solutions in a cost effective manner.