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Tucson Healthcare IT SolutionsHealthcare is a rapidly changing industry. These changes affect everything from accessing data across a local network to highly sensitive compliance issues that can dramatically affect productivity and profitability. Medical practices require specific attention to their IT infrastructure to meet these evolving regulations and compliance requirements while also maintaining a profitably sustainable business model. More than ever before, your medical practice faces continued stress on increasingly limited resources.

Our approach to meet these challenges with innovative and cost effective solutions include the following strategies:

A Leading Provider of IT Services

every minute you spend dealing with yet another IT issue is a minute you’re not spending on patient care and management. Integrated Axis Technology Group is a leading provider of IT services and solutions with a strong track record for working with medical practices to deliver IT services and solutions designed to help you:

The bottom line is simple: IA helps lighten the IT load on your medical practice so that you can stay focused on what you do best – caring for your patients and managing your practice.

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Business & SMB

We deliver innovative solutions across your entire organization to take the load off your staff and resources.


Our long-standing track record of developing lasting cost and time saving solutions for dental practices is equal to none.


We have extensive experience working with practices to implement cost and time saving solutions.

Custom Tailored

Have unique needs that don’t fit any specific mould? Let us tailor fit solutions to fit your requirements.